Top 3 Cryptocurrency Games For Windows

Cryptocurrency games have redefined the way people view online gaming. Before their arrival, few thought that web games were even remotely productive.

The attention given to these games has reached viral proportions. More and more crypto users are downloading them in the hopes of earning coins while gaming their way to glory!

As of 2019, Crypto Games for Windows have been one of the most downloaded ones. Here are the Top 3 Games for Windows:

  • Huntercoin

If you have a thing for online multiplayer games, this might be the best choice for you. You can compete with gamers around the world or just a few of your online buddies.

In this 2D game, you’ve gotta ‘hunt down’ your Huntcoins (HUC) and take them to a bank. You can also kill other hunters to release their coins back into the gameplay map. Other users can then fight for these released coins.

You can later trade your HUC for Bitcoins or other cryptos on exchange platforms.

  • Bitcoin Tycoon

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to erect a mighty empire, this game might be the appropriate fit for you! Although the empire is virtual, you get to actually earn Bitcoins off it.

The game features the journey of a hero, which you get to select at the beginning. Each hero has his own unique reason for mining coins. These heroes can communicate with up to 8 other people.

Not only do you have to build an empire from scratch by digging for coins, but you also have to resolve any business/family issues that come along the way. Talk about some real entrepreneurial struggles!

  • Cryptokitties

Who doesn’t like to own a particularly pretty kitty-kat – especially one that has the color and characteristics suited to their unique taste?

Cryptokitties is a virtual pet game that allows you to buy your own Cryptokitty for digital money. Once you’ve brought your kitty, you permanently own it and can later purchase others. Eventually, you can breed them to produce different combinations.

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