Marketing Planning for Industrial Manufacturers of Seasonal Products

Does your industrial plant manufacture seasonal products? From snowmobile used during winter to suntan cream for sunbathing in summer, your marketing model should be more aggressive and targeted. How you plan your operations is crucial to optimizing sales and productivity. Here is how to plan for it.

Plan to Market your Products Well Before the Peak Season Arrives

It is important to note that while data for your product might indicate peaks only at a specific time, customers take time to decide what to buy. Most of them take months to review various products before making the decision to buy. Therefore, your marketing campaigns should start way ahead of the peak sale season. For example, if your products use metal as raw materials, start to demonstrate your product superiority as early as possible. For example, you can showcase your suppliers in the mining industry and how they use the best practices to generate raw materials.

Avoid Assuming that What Happened the Previous Season will Recur

One mistake that manufacturers of seasonal products make is assuming that what happened the previous season will recur. For example, if you made a lot of sales in the previous season, do not simply assume that your industrial products will also be a hit this time. Here are some reasons why you are likely to experience major changes.

  • Your competitors are busy looking for new ways to capture a bigger market share. Unless you improve your marketing efforts, the chances are that the market share is likely to change.
  • Customer preferences and demand keeps changing. Most consumer needs are informed by changes in technology and innovations.
  • New technology, laws, and policies might have altered customer perceptions about specific seasonal products. If customers think that a different product is superior, they are likely to go for it. For example, customers will always be drawn to products made using the best industrial practices.

Go for Incremental Improvements

When the high sales season draws nearer, your target clients want to hear that what you have in the shelves is better than what they bought the previous season. Therefore, it is important to focus on incremental improvements. You can even use the improvements as the bottom-line of your marketing message to outdo competitors in the market.

If your manufacturing unit deals with seasonal products, it is important to plan well and focus on delivering value to clients. Do not let the notion of seasonality to lower your profits; use the above strategies to optimize sales.