Why I Believe Global CTB Is Not a Scam

When you want to know about the legitimacy of an online broker, you have to ask someone who has already tried it. I want to bring your attention to the fact that even experts cannot tell you everything in detail if they have not tried a service before. They can’t just figure things out standing at a distance. If you are considering signing up with Global CTB broker, I am the person who can provide you with all the knowledge that you are looking for. Why can I do that? Well, because I am the person who signed up with this broker and experienced it for you. So, let me present my reasons why I don’t think of this company as a scam. 

Its Customer Support Details Are Impressive

One of the things that I use to recognize the good companies from the bad ones is their customer support details. You have to understand that you will need the help of your service provider at some point in your trading career. It is at that moment you will realize if you made the right decision or not. So, in the case of this particular company, I can tell you that you have many ways to contact the customer support. Do you know that you have multiple phone numbers and email addresses that you can use for talking to the customer support department of the firm? How many other companies are doing that?

I have done my research and I can tell you that with some companies, you don’t get anything more than a section with FAQs in it. Yes, if you have a question, please do the honors of finding the answer to that question yourself. In other words, you don’t get any help from your service provider when you are in need. 

It Does Not Charge You without a Reason 

One of the things you will notice when you sign up with the wrong company is that you have to pay for everything. If you want to trade, you will have to pay a commission. Do you want access to the most reliable trading signals? Well, you have to pay for them as well. Are you thinking about withdrawing money from your account? Prepare to pay some commission to your broker. Are you considering depositing some more funds in your trading account? Yes, you guessed it right. You will have to pay some commission to the service provider again. Will you have to pay those commissions with Global CTB? No, you don’t have to do that at all. 

You pay the broker when you enter your trades. However, when you are depositing funds in your account, you don’t have to pay any commissions to the company. You won’t have to spend anything even if you are withdrawing funds from your account. Isn’t that easy?

Your Security Is a Concern 

The biggest sign that you have chosen the wrong trading platform is that you don’t see any concerns in terms of your security. When you sign up with today’s companies, they always pay attention to the security of your information. In addition to that, they make sure that they follow the standards of the industry to maintain your funds in your trading accounts. How does that happen? Well, when you sign up with Global CTB, your money goes into accounts that have been labeled and selected for traders only. Furthermore, the broker will encrypt your information to enhance the security even further. In the end, it is you who benefits from everything. 

Final Thoughts

If you ask me, I will always tell you that Global CTB is not a scam. I have seen scams on the internet. They don’t like to talk to you much other than the sales pitch they have on many websites. Moreover, they just ask for money without explaining the system to you. That’s simply not the case with Global CTB.