What Private Foundations In Washington Provide Grant Portal Sites Help Find Grants In Washington?

Private foundations in Washington may provide grant portal sites or detailed information about their grant programs on their official websites. Here are some private foundations in Washington that you can explore for potential grants:

1. **The Seattle Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [The Seattle Foundation](https://www.seattlefoundation.org/)

   – The Seattle Foundation is a community foundation serving the Greater Seattle area. Their website provides information about available grants, focus areas, and application processes.

2. **The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [Paul G. Allen Family


   – The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supports various initiatives in the Pacific Northwest. While they may not have a traditional grant portal, their website offers details on their programs and focus areas.

3. **The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation](https://www.gatesfoundation.org/)

   – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while global in scope, has a significant presence in Seattle. Explore their website for information on their grant programs and application processes.

4. **The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust:**

   – **Website:** [M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust](https://murdocktrust.org/)

   – The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust supports nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington. Check their website for information on grants and application guidelines.

5. **The Medina Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [Medina Foundation](https://medinafoundation.org/)

   – The Medina Foundation focuses on supporting initiatives in the Puget Sound region. Explore their website for details on grants, focus areas, and application procedures.

6. **The Satterberg Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [Satterberg Foundation](https://satterberg.org/)

   – The Satterberg Foundation supports equity and justice initiatives in Washington. Check their website for information on grants and their approach to philanthropy.

7. **The Bamford Foundation:**

   – **Website:** [Bamford Foundation](https://bamfordfoundation.org/)

   – The Bamford Foundation focuses on improving the well-being of children and families in Washington. Explore their website for details on grants and application processes.

While exploring these foundations, look for sections related to grants, community investments, or funding opportunities. Contact the foundations directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their grant programs. If available, follow their application guidelines for submitting proposals. Check out www.thegrantportal.com for grant sources.