What is the Best Way to Purchase Bitcoins on Paxful?

Paxful has been deemed an online marketplace enabling the buyers and sellers to meet online and trade Bitcoins. It has been known to provide a wide range of payment methods along with purchasing options that may not be exchanged traditionally.

Paxful would provide the users with the ability to purchase Bitcoins using almost every possible payment method. It would provide you with perceptive user experience. Despite everything appearing relatively great, there would be several aspects to consider on how to avoid scams and availing a decent exchange rate.

Understanding the Paxful services

Paxful has been known to offer their marketplace services in two forms:

  • It would be available on their website through an easy to use form.
  • Through a ‘virtual kiosk link’ that any person or site could use.

It would be pertinent to mention here that virtual kiosk would enable the people to tell others about Paxful along with generating 2% revenue from any amount purchased.

How to purchase Bitcoins on Paxful

You could choose the number of Bitcoins you need to purchase. It would enable you to choose the currency you wish the exchange rate to be in. There would be several payment methods to choose from. It would enable you to choose the seller and allow you to click the trade. To make the purchase, you would be required to follow the instructions for payment along with clicking ‘mark as paid’. All you have to do now would be to wait for the seller to release the Bitcoins.

It would be worth mentioning that some trades could be completed quickly while there have been several others that may take a while. It would be dependent on the payment method along with whether the seller is available online or not.

When the buyer and the seller have verified about the transaction is confirmed along with meeting the terms, the money would be released to the wallet of the buyer and the deal completed.