Responsibility of the importers

Every importer in some point of their business will need to work with a customs broker. A customs broker is well-aware of the responsibilities and thus, can offer functions accordingly. It is necessary for the importer to keep a check with the Power of Attorney to find the best solution. As an importer working with a customs broker, you will also need to pay brokerage fees so that they can carry out the work effectively. 

A lot of importers are under the belief that once they work with a broker or agent, the burden is taken off them. It is not. The importer will still be responsible for the customs and other departments and will also need to incur the consequences and penalties for the future. The broker will make sure to comply by the customs laws and regulations, but it is the importer who will have to take maximum responsibility. 

Your broker may be well-aware of the system, but as an importer it is your responsibility to comply by the customs requirements. The requirements may be huge and appear as difficult, but they’re not. These requirements are often a part of internal working of the system such as accounting, inventory control and record-keeping. 

The broker will ensure to take proper care of all aspects in a professional manner and perform the work accordingly. If the work can be handled by the broker, they will make sure to take it up and offer services accordingly. When importing products to the US, it is extremely necessary to comply with the standards set by the USA. However, both importers and brokers should work in close association with each other to ensure smooth functioning of the work. 

The compliance procedure will however be subjected to change with time depending on the responsibility. Some of the responsibilities of the importer towards customs include the following

  • Details about the description, quantity, details, information related to the import of goods in the US, volume and currency used
  • Payment of taxes and duties
  • Maintenance of record papers for 6 years
  • Valid certification of origin
  • Declaration of transactions made previously

As an importer, they will have certain responsibility towards the broker which include

  • Providing adequate and accurate data about tariff classification
  • Detailed information regarding the import of goods
  • Reasonable information about the shipment of products
  • Prior notice about the change or diversion in route of the imported goods

The importers should refrain from taking unnecessary risks that can land them in trouble. Make sure to have a proper conversation with your broker about exact requirements.