Five Ways to Acquire Bitcoins you Might Not Know

Buying bitcoins on an exchange is the most popular way to own bitcoins. Many people buy bitcoin online at Quebex. Some investors may keep them for a long time while others prefer to profit by selling them when the opportunity comes. As with other assets, owners can buy and sell bitcoins. There are a lot of ways to earn and own bitcoins aside from getting them from an exchange. They include the following:

Bitcoin Mining

Through this process, bitcoins are released to come into circulation. Thus, it includes solving a difficult puzzle to discover a new block that will be added to the blockchain and getting a reward in the form of bitcoins. These days, generating bitcoins has become easier than before. Miners now make use of faster hardware and more advanced processing units.

Getting Bitcoins are Payments

Accepting bitcoins as a means of payment for goods and services is also another way to earn bitcoins. Thus, if you own a shop, just display a sign that tells people you are accepting Bitcoin. Accepting Bitcoin is possible for both online and offline stores.

Getting Paid for a Job in Bitcoins

You can also get bitcoins by getting paid in Bitcoin as a self-employed individual.  Some websites out there are dedicated to the digital currency paying jobs.

Lending Bitcoins

Lending bitcoins can be done by direct lending to somebody popular, through a website that facilitates peer-to-peer lending where lenders and borrowers meet, or lending bitcoins to websites that act as banks that let you earn interest for bitcoin deposits. But, make sure you pick a dependable website. Go through their terms and conditions and make sure to research their reputation and location.


Although gambling is not the best way to earn bitcoins, it can be an option. A lot of casinos that offer various options such as spread betting, online lotteries, and casino games have something for Bitcoin players. But, keep in mind that gambling is a highly risky way to get bitcoins.

You can also get bitcoins through tips, arbitrage, faucet, and others. The digital currency world is continuing to grow bigger with its own exchange, jobs, applications, casinos, and hardware which increase its acceptance. But, because its legality and regulations are not clear, people are holding back from riding the Bitcoin rollercoaster. Thus, before you join, make sure to do your homework first to understand how Bitcoin works, where to buy them, and how to protect them.