Choosing Your Calculator Now with the taxes Now

Now it is up to the tax authorities. He will calculate how much additional taxes you need to pay or get back on the basis of your tax return. The entire process results in an assessment notice that is sent to you by post – or for those who explicitly opted for it electronically. The document contains all the necessary information for the assessment and the calculation of the taxes due or to be recovered.

When will I receive my tax statement?

The tax authorities are not given unbridled time to prepare your tax statement. For a timely, correct and complete tax return, this must be done by 30 June 2016 at the latest. If the tax authorities fail to establish the assessment by then, it is null and void. You can reclaim the withholding tax and withholding tax by means of a notice of objection. In recent years, however, the tax authorities have been sending tax assessments faster and faster. The first assessment notices will be issued this month or in August. In principle, the date for sending the first assessment notices for electronic and paper declarations does not differ, but scanning the paper declarations obviously takes time. So can a small business get a tax refund? You need the calculator now.

When do you have to pay?

Anyone who needs to get a refund wants their assessment notice as soon as possible. But for those who have to pay extra, it can take a little longer. In any case, about two months elapse between receipt of the assessment notice and final payment. You must pay an additional amount no later than two months after the assessment notice has been sent – the date of dispatch can be found on the document. Is it the tax authorities who have to transfer money to you? He must then do so at the end of the second month following the month in which the assessment was made.

Can We still correct an error?

Missed the most useful tax guide from the newspaper? Don’t worry, you can order it digitally via the e-shop. What if you notice that you made a mistake while completing your tax return? For example, you forgot to declare an income or claim a tax credit. You could make a correction once via Tax-on-web, but this had to be done before the deadline of 15 July. You can send a letter to your local tax office with a request for rectification of your tax return. You thereby demonstrate your good will and the inspector takes the rectification into account in practice and that without consequences. It will not be considered a fraud or an error. It is best to do this immediately as soon as you identify your error. In any case, rectification must be requested before the assessment is established and unfortunately there is no fixed date.