Challenges of cloud cost optimization 

The process of reducing your overall cloud expenditure might not be simple as people tend to think. It is not easy to do cloud cost optimization without facing challenges here and there. The process of identifying mismanaged resources, unused resources, and reserving space for services is not a bread and butter thing. It requires good planning and proper usage of the time and resources that you have. For scalability and flexibility in a business, Cloud cost Optimisation is a must-do activity. Here we have highlighted some challenges that one is likely to face as they do cloud cost optimization.

  1. Poor application Architecture design

A good house is all about foundation. In the same case as a cloud application, an excellent architectural design matters a lot. If the plan is flawed, the designed results will not be delivered, and the clients will always be on your neck. Few architectural design software engineers know this. Thus the lack of knowledge on building a design leads to a poor application. Not many engineers will take into account the cost associated with specific application features. Thus, the actual value of the cloud is not delivered.

  1. Intruder in the platform. 

It might be possible for intruders to log in to the cloud and add some operations. They may also delete some, and this is not cool. Due to the nature of anonymity in the cloud, it might be challenging to figure out who modified some kinds of stuff there. This is a thing that must be addressed as it a direct security impact on an organization. Remember, in the cloud; you might have some sensitive data, such as financial data. This must be guarded against attackers. If they get away with this data, it might cause many problems to the organization.

  1. Escalating budget

With the cloud, budgets that one has forecasted are bound to escalate. This is because new services are introduced day by day, and the cloud is being created. If you don’t keep this in mind, cloud cost optimization might be complicated for you. Cloud services are dynamic. So you should be well equipped and ready for all these dynamics. When you are doing budget forecasting, you should be well equipped with data flows and deep expertise on what you are doing. The correct data will help you to move faster and get the right things up. Because of fluctuating needs and changes, it is good to set an additional budget for working out.

Because these challenges are bound to happen, it is always good to be prepared in advance and know how you will scale. Cloud cost optimization is a must-do activity for any organization that is planning to move forward faster. Thus, keep in mind the above challenges and know how you will navigate around them.