Canadian customs brokers: Ease your importing hassles!

To be fair, the basic Canadian customs process for importing looks extremely simple and easy on paper. However, with numerous laws, regulations, and ever-changing compliance needs, things can get complicated for importers in no time. Regardless of whether you want to import a car, or wish to engage in international trade, working with a customs broker, such as, can be of great help. All customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and they help clients in getting their shipments cleared at the border. In this post, we are reviewing further on the relevance of Canadian customs brokers.

Is it necessary to hire a Canadian customs broker?

No. There is no law that requires you to hire a Canadian customs broker for importing. However, navigating through the customs process, keeping up with rules, payment of taxes and duties, are not easy steps. A customs broker can help with the basic importing process and ensure that aspects like tariff classification, documentation and other paperwork are done on time, so that goods can be cleared. Unless it’s the peak importing time, such as the holiday season, you can expect to get your shipment cleared in as little as 20 minutes, provided all papers are in place. With an experienced customs broker, you can actually minimize moist of the risks associated with importing.

Reduce your costs

There is no way you can evade paying necessary duties, taxes, and costs, but customs brokers know the rules, applicable duties and tariffs, and they can guide on handling regular day-to-day affairs of your importing business. They can further offer tricks and suggestions on how you can keep the shipping and other costs to basic minimum. Hiring a customs broker is no way a means to reduce payable taxes and duties, but their understanding of international trade and customs procedures can help you prevent mistakes and save in other ways.

Keep up with customs regulations, compliance and other aspects

With a customs broker, you don’t have to worry about following the regulations or changes in trade agreements. When in rush, just hire a good customs broker, and they will do what it takes to clear your goods, ensuring compliance, which is often an aspect that concerns businesses engaged in international trade, both imports and exports.

The cost of hiring and engaging a customs broker does add to your shipment price, but the advantages are way too many to be ignored.a