Bankers Using Whatsapp Beware: Latest Regulatory Efforts Push For Whatsapp Monitoring

As the world continues to implement quarantine measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the regulated sector also is pressing for stricter initiatives on regulatory compliance to monitor phone calls, chats, SMS texts, and other messages among employees and with clients to ensure data protection.

Close monitoring of communication allows companies in the regulated industry to ensure that their employees are not sharing confidential information with people they shouldnot transact with.

In the old normal setup, employees have BYOD, CYOD, or employer-issued gadgets for work. However, as countries are still facing the pandemic, more people are forced to use personal devices while working from their homes.

With the advent of technology, people have the freedom to use applications with end-to-end encryption, like WhatsApp, to prevent third-party apps from stealing data. This type of encryption is a good security measure. Still, this feature also means that monitoring of messages may become difficult for regulated companies, and fraud and data breaches are possible to take place.

While firms cannot see how their employees are working at home, there is a way to make sure they are not breaching regulatory requirements without breaking the boundary of personal space and work.

Archiving software like TeleMessage can securely capture voice call, and archive text messages and even multimedia messages in work-related communication. A safe and secure archiver is ideal for regulation, especially for firms in the financial industry. With a reliable archiving tool, financial firms and banks can keep using WhatsApp to communicate with their clients.