Applications Useful for an Accountant


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Accountancy is one of the integral part of a business firm, that helps the business to blossom in a lot of ways. Accountancy deals with keeping a track of companies cash, payment, dues, pending and so on. Hence, accountancy is the backbone of every business. Now, with the advancement in the technology, it is the right time to take accounting to the next level. With the aid of new technology, the important aspect to understand is that accountants can do the accountancy anywhere and anytime. With the advancement in mobile technology, it is the time to say good-bye to big machines and start working on our mobiles. Mobile phones applications enable people to do the accounting anywhere, and they also provide better convenience for tasks related to accounting than the big computer screens which are certainly difficult to carry along. 

The mobile phones is surely one of the technology that can be used to simplify our work and increase our efficiency in various jobs. We use mobile apps for a lot of things nowadays, from booking tickets, ordering food online and for several other needs. Hence, it would be no surprise if we can manage accounting through the closest proximity device such as a mobile phone. Phones always stay with us, making them accessible all the time and reducing any chances in making errors, as the information can be added easily in the first go and can be altered later fir further improvements. Here are some apps that can help people do accounting easily from a mobile phone:

  1. Freshbook Cloud accounting app – This app can help people in managing the invoices, expenses and payments easily. It can be one of the best app to use that can easily help users manage small business. It is available in most of the devices from mobile phones to iPad and even iPod touch. It gives a professional design which makes it easier for users to use. People can track all the payment and transactions online to make sure that they don’t miss any payments or delivery of goods. With the real-time transaction alert and status, this app provides the sense of security and peace of mind for knowing how the transaction is rolling out.
  2. TallyDekho app – TallyDekho is an amazing app that can help people in managing tally through their mobile phones. It is powered by tally ERP9 which itself comes with a ton of features, that can help users in managing bills, calculating profit and losses, multiple currency support and many more useful features that helps in managing the accounting easily. It is available for both apple and android phones, and it helps in managing taxes as well. TallyDekho app provides cloud store using Google Drive which provides extra protection to the sensitive data. The above data is encrypted which makes sure that the data never find it’s way into the wrong hands. Even with all this security, data sharing works smooth and fine as per the requirement.
  3. Salesforce app – Salesforce is an app available in both Android and iPhone that can be used to manage business with ease and simplicity. If users are looking for a very simple and convenient app that can reduce their stress in work for accounting, then salesforce might be the app for them. It can help in managing deals and invoices all day long, making it easier to manage the work throughout the day. The ability to track the performance and sales can help in keeping the tab on a real-time view of the accomplishment of the business. The light and easy user interface makes it easy for anyone to use this app, with the assurance that the data is processed at the best possible rate.

With the up-gradation of the technology of mobile phones that the world has received from the past decade, the research that is going on Artificial intelligence, soon there will be new apps and some more existing features that will take business and accounting to a whole new level. But for now, these are one of the best apps accountants should rely on for Accounting purposes.