What are the differences between Neoflot, eFulfillment Service, Red Stag, and Shipwire?

Neoflot, eFulfillment Service, Red Stag, and Shipwire are among the best order fulfillment companies. They have carved out an impressive industry reputation. And they have a lot of similarities. But when it comes to e-commerce fulfillment services, Neoflot stands at the front of the line.

An analysis of all four fulfillment providers highlights some valuable differences that make Neoflot, owned by Calymon, our choice for a partnership. Like all order fulfillment companies, they pack, ship, monitor inventory and have warehouse facilities all across the country.

So, let’s find out the reasons for the picking Neoflot.

White label service

Neoflot offers a “white label service.” This service is a boon for business clients who want to expand their enterprise. When a customer orders a product online, Neoflot can include advertising materials in the package that promotes your services and your company.

“Your customers will never learn our association with your business or the fact that your company is employing a third-party to fulfill orders,” Neoflot states on its website at Neoflot.com.

In comparison, Red Stag and eFulfillment Service don’t advertise any white label service on their websites. Shipwire, however, offers “branded communication.”

White label service provides a platform for business clients to educate their customers about their service offerings. Branded advertising materials and flyers in each package shipped to customers promote and scale their businesses.

Business clients can use white-label service to build their brand and improve their reputation. Our clients can use this tool to develop customer loyalty which can result is increased revenue and profits.

Neoflot does not charge for this white label service. It is free.

Long-term Storage Fees

Neoflot does not charge for long-term storage of inventory. “Our customers never pay for storage.”

In comparison, Red Stag and eFulfillment Service charge for storage. eFulfillment Service says it has a “low-cost inventory storage,” fee. The company calls its storage pricing friendly, and clients pay only for the storage space they use. And Red Stag offers a “lower” storage fee.

Teaming up with Neoflot means business clients can use the money they save on storage to develop more products for the marketplace.

Dedicated account manager

Neoflot welcomes each business client with a dedicated account manager. This commitment is another service that separates Neoflot from the others.

This personalized account manager is responsible for handling all concerns, questions and challenges our business clients might have. This manager will serve as a resource who will help you maximize all areas of your subscription. This individual will hold your hand through the initial first few weeks of using Neoflot’s services. And that account manager will remain your contact throughout your partnership with the company.

None of the other order fulfillment companies in this comparison has assigned dedicated account managers.

The assigned account manager is a valuable service to business clients and is in addition to the customer support Neoflot provides. The customer support staff is available to business clients 24 hours a day, every day. “They can assist you with your issue and also have the ability to provide you with a solution immediately,” Neoflot says on its website at Neoflot.com.