Always learn about the different algorithm updates:

Google constantly updates its algorithm to meet present-day needs. Whenever a new algorithm comes in the market, there are many changes made in the previous algorithm and SEO experts have to learn a lot about these updates to protect their sites from being affected negatively. It is always recommended that you remain aware of the SEO market so that you remain aware of the latest trends. With the new update that has certain penalties there are also several plus points so that you can use these points to get your site rank higher. You can also get the SEO services [check out Minimice Group which is the term in thai] from experts that are trusted for their work. Professional SEO experts remain aware of the market trends and updates. They also know about the past updates; thus SEO experts can help you to save your site from penalties and to rank it higher in Google search results.

Don’t use the bad Cloaking technique:

Cloaking is a technique to fake search engines. In this method, you produce two different web pages and provide one to the search engine while the other is shown to the users. This is really a bad and known technique. The modern Google algorithms are very good at finding Clocking so that can get your site penalized.

Avoid keyword stuffing to save your site from getting penalized:

Keyword stuffing was a popular technique of the past to gain more audience. Some people think that this technique can also work for their site so they use the same keyword many times. When Google crawlers check the page and find the keyword more than enough time then Google sends a warning to the site owner. This can also cause straightaway penalization is in some cases. You must avoid the bad or Black hat SEO techniques in order to gain more users and to build your identity.